Seven Tips for Finding Expert Roofers in Toronto

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There are expert roofers in Toronto – and then there are outfits that say they are experts - and don’t deliver. How to distinguish between the two?

A few ideas...

Look for a roofing specialist and remember throughout the process that saving money should NOT be your primary goal. Making your roof and home safe and secure is. Cutting corners can be costly.

The specialist’s expertise should cover residential and commercial roofing, as well as emergency repair and exterior improvement. The expert roofers should have a proven ability to work with all the important roofing materials – from wood shingles and slate to asphalt.

And don’t forget the other roofing activities – like waterproofing, siding, eavestroughs, ice removal and chimney repair. A full-service company will save you having to hire multiple contractors.

Finally, what kind of warranty does the company offer? It should cover workmanship and ordinary wear and tear by the elements.

Expert roofers in Toronto should be exactly that: experts!
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Seven Quick Tips for Finding an Expert Roofer


If you are looking for an expert roofer in Toronto, here are ten tips to success:


1. Get a full service roofer – one who can repair or install roofs and also do emergency repair and exterior improvement. This will save you dealing with multiple contractors and money.


2. Can they also do other tasks, such as waterproofing, carpentry, masonry and demolition? Ask about ice removal and chimneys.


3. The roofer should be able to work in different materials. From asphalt to slate, there is a wide  range of options open to you.


4. Talk to them about how they will protect your home during the process. Roofing is a messy business, with much debris. How will they protect your walls and garden?


5. Ask for references. How was their workmanship – both during the process and afterwards?


Don’t forget Aftercare!


6. Speaking of aftercare – does the company also do emergency service? For example, if a branch falls on your roof and creates damage, you will need it fixed immediately. Far better to have that repair done by someone who already knows your roof.


7. What kind of warranty does the company offer? It should be ten years on workmanship and ordinary wear and tear. Find out what kind of warranty is offered on the materials, as well.


Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to finding an expert roofer in Toronto.


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